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Prenatal Form and Function – The Making of an Earth Suit


Unit 11:   10 to 11 Weeks

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Play Movie - Human fetus 10 to 11 weeks
Movie 11.1 - 10 to 11 Weeks
11 weeks 3 days fetus, Fetal Facial Expressions, Lips and Nose Complete, Fetus
Figure 11.1 - Facial Features Completely Formed
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By 11 weeks, the nose and lips are completely formed.1 The fetus can now produce complex facial expressions and, according to one group of researchers, is capable of smiling.2 As with every other body part, facial appearance will change at each stage of the life cycle.  The fetus’ intestine begins to absorb glucose and water from swallowed amniotic fluid.3


Though gender is determined at fertilization, genitalia now distinguish male from female.4

Play Movie - Male and Female
Movie 11.2 - Male and Female
Play Movie - Nose and Lips
Movie 11.3 - Nose and Lips
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