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Digestive epithelium

As yet the surrounding mesenchyme shows little change beyond a moderate cellular proliferation. caudal to the stalk of the umbilical vesicle the intestine is less advanced, thereby participating in the rostrocaudal gradient of differentiation that characterizes the embryo as a whole.

Based on Born reconstructions of No. 836, made by Osborne O. Heard under the supervision of H.M. Evans..

Text and figure from O'Rahilly and Müller, 1987. Adapted from figure 13-9.

Keywords: allantois, digestive epithelium, dorsal pancreas, gall bladder, groove for sinus venosus, junction of intestine and umbilical vesicle (yolk) stalk, liver, lung bud, mesenchyme, mesonephric duct, pharyngeal pouch 1, pharyngeal pouch 2, pharyngeal pouch 3, pharynx, stomach, thyroid gland, ultimopharyngeal pouch, umbilical vesicle stalk, urorectal cleavage line

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.