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Graphic reconstruction

Graphic reconstruction of areas of attachment (cross-hatched areas) of stage 4 rhesus embryo #C 610. In these areas the trophoblastic syncytium unites with and dissolves the endometrial epithelium. The epithelial cytoplasm disappears first followed by the nuclei later. There is an increase in nuclei at these points. The primordial amniotic cavity is located in the oval area bounded by the interrupted line.

From: Heuser and Streeter, 1941.

The numbered lines refer to micrographs of sections shown in Heuser and Streeter, 1941. Those figures are also reproduced here.

To compare this graphic reconstruction with our 3D reconstructions, click here.

Keywords: endometrial epithelium, nucleus, primordium of amniotic cavity, trophoblastic syncytium

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.