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Blastocyst attached to the endometrial cell culture

Low power TEM of a stage 4 embryo in vitro. Measuring bar = 10 µm. Blastocyst is attached to the endometrial cell culture. Bl, expanded blastocystic cavity (blastocoele); EC, endometrial cell; Ep, epiblast; Hy, hypoblast; MTr, mural trophoblast; PTr, polar trophoblast. Arrows show level of endometrial cells.

From: Lindenberg et al., 1986. Reproduced with permission of the publisher, Oxford University Press.

Keywords: blastocyst(s), blastocystic cavity (blastocoele), endometrial cells, epiblast, hypoblast, mural trophoblast, polar trophoblast, stage 4 embryo

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.