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Amniotic cavity, embryonic disc, umbilical vesicle

The amniotic cavity, embryonic disc, and umbilical vesicle of No. 7801. The upturned margins of the epiblast change abruptly to the squamous cells of the amniotic ectoderm. The gut endoderm has a foamy appearance, whereas the cells lining the umbilical vesicle are squamous. The umbilical vesicle appears to be acquiring an external coat. Section 12-1-1.

Fig. 6-9. O'Rahilly and Müller, 1987.

Keywords: amniotic cavity, amniotic ectoderm, embryonic disc, epiblast, gut endoderm, squamous cells, umbilical vesicle, umbilical vesicle external coat

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.