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Median sagittal plane - Labeled sections

This digital reconstruction shows the right half of embryo 7802 cut along the median sagittal plane.

N.B. The drawing and digital reconstruction do not match exactly. It is possible that the two reconstructions are not along exactly the same plane.

Keywords: allantoic diverticulum, amnion, amniotic cavity, amniotic duct, chorionic plate, cloacal membrane, connecting stalk, embryo, median sagittal plane, embryonic disc, embryonic endoderm, epiblast, extra-embryonic coelom, extra-embryonic endoderm (exocoelomic membrane), extra-embryonic mesoblast, gastrulation (primitive) node, gastrulation (primitive) streak, head mesenchyme, hypoblast, presumptive neural plate, trophoblastic layer, umbilical vesicle cavity, umbilical vesicle roof

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.