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Embryo - Cephalic 2

Caudal 1     Lateral 1     Cephalic 2     Lateral 2    

The embryo removed from the chorionic vesicle. It is enclosed in mesenchyme (pink) and connected to the chorionic plate via the connecting stalk.

Keywords: amnion, amniotic duct, area of primordium of cloacal membrane, cephalic end of embryonic disc, chorionic plate, connecting stalk, embryonic mesoderm, extra-embryonic endoderm, extra-embryonic endoderm of amnion, extra-embryonic mesoblast, extra-embryonic mesoderm (exocoelomic membrane), head mesenchyme, outer surface of epiblast, somatopleuric mesenchyme, splanchnopleuric mesenchyme, umbilical vesicle process, umbilical vesicle wall, villus mesenchyme

Source: The Virtual Human Embryo.