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junction of ductus venosus and left umbilical vein: 14-638, 15-353
junction of left and right umbilical veins: 9-149
junction of left common cardinal and left umbilical veins with left sinus horn: 13-115
junction of left horn of sinus venosus and left umbilical vein: 12-207, 12-210, 12-213
junction of left umbilical vein: 12-372
junction of left umbilical vein and liver: 15-360


caudal edge of: 15-481
congested, area of: Movie 15-1
edge of: 14-871
tributary of: 12-396
left umbilical vein (involuting): Atlas Fig. 5-5b, Atlas Fig. 5-17-24
left umbilical vein (terminal part): 9-124
left umbilical vein in connecting stalk: Atlas Fig. 4-10-20
left umbilical vein prominence: Atlas Fig. 5-1a
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