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cytoplasmic processes of polar trophoblastic cells: Fig. 3-1-57
cell projection: Fig. 4-13
cell protrusions: Fig. 4-15
clumps: Fig. 5c-12
edge of: 5a-2-1, 5a-2-42
nuclei: 4-33
previllus clump of: 5b-21, 5b-51, 5b-58
shell: Fig. 7-7


extra-embryonic endoblast applied to trophoblast: 5b-53


intercommunicating trophoblastic lacunae: 5b-48, 5b-49


junction area of trophoblast and zona pellucida: Fig. 3-1-16
junction of endometrial gland and syncytiotrophoblast: 5a-1-58, 5a-1-62
junction of endometrial sinusoid and trophoblastic lacuna: 5b-35


cytoplasm: 3-1-11
nucleolus: 3-1-11
nucleus: 3-1-11
tangentially cut: 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5, 4-51, 4-52, 4-53, 4-54, 4-55


cytoplasm of: 3-1-8


sequestered cell(s) in polar trophoblast: Fig. 3-1-56
engulfing endometrial gland cells: 5a-1-71, 5b-70
engulfing wall of endometrial gland: 5a-1-65
lacunar spaces of: Fig. 5c-19
nuclei: 4-17, 4-22, 4-32
edge of: 5a-1-8
space(s) within: 5a-1-61, 5a-1-62, 5a-1-63
syncytiotrophoblastic vacuole: Fig. 5c-20, Fig. 5c-21


abembryonic: Fig. 5a-1-8, Fig. 5c-14
elliptical: Fig. 3-1-4, Fig. 3-1-5
mitochondria: Fig. 3-1-60, Fig. 3-1-61
nuclei: Fig. 4-19
flattened: Fig. 3-1-46
grazing section through edge of: 3-1-12
herniation: Fig. 3-1-39
edge of: 5b-7
lacunar spaces of: Fig. 5c-19
nucleus of: 3-1-9
syncytium: Fig. 4-16
tangential section through: 3-1-1
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